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Division of Marital Property

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Texas Marital Property Division  

Turner-Monahan, PLLC has 40 years of experience in handling divorces and complex property division cases.  If you are a high net worth individual, it is important for you to hire an experienced and knowledgable attorney who understands the intricacies of business valuation, division of retirement accounts and securities, and tracing assets.

In some cases spouses are able to come to an agreement about the division of the marital property. The law offices of Turner-Monahan, PLLC are willing and able to assist you and your spouse in negotiating a marital property settlement agreement that will protect your rights.

If you know there will be disagreements over the division of the marital property, the attorneys at Turner-Monahan, PLLC are prepared to fight aggressively for your rights and ensure that you come home with the property that is most important to you.  

Texas is a community property state which means there is a presumption that all property owned at the time of divorce is considered community property.  Our attorneys will work with you to determine which assets are community property and which assets are separate property to ensure that your property and your rights are protected.  

High Net Worth & Complicated Property Division 

Dividing marital assets can become complicated with wealthy couples or couples who own a lot of assets.  For example, if one or both spouses own a business, oil, gas or mineral royalties, or pension plans, it is likely there will be disagreements over the value and division of these assets.  It is important to have an attorney who is knowledgable in several areas.  Our attorneys have business and financial backgrounds as well as experience in  the oil and gas industry, which gives us an advantage in helping you with your property valuation and division.   

The attorneys at Turner-Monahan, PLLC have extensive experience in the area of property and debt division. 

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